1984 Land Rover 109 Santana

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1984 Land Rover 109 Santana



  • Complete body restoration
  • Santana edition
  • Cosmetic reconditioning of the chassis
  • 5 new wheels
  • Attractive dark blue exterior paint with eggshell white top
  • New black interior
  • GPS instrument cluster

Technical Specifications:

  • 2.5-liter Turbodiesel engine
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Dual-range transfer case

The Santana editions were manufactured in Spain and were essentially identical to the Series IIIA counterpart in England. Land Rover enthusiasts have noted that Santanas are built and screwed together a little bit better.

Complete Body Restoration: This 1984 Land Rover 109 Santana had a complete body restoration that was completed about four years ago while owned in Arizona. The entire body was disassembled and repainted in a unique dark blue with paintwork extending to the interior after removing the original components. The top of the 109 has a contrasting color of a soft eggshell white. The alpine roof windows, sliding rear windows, and swing-out spare wheel carrier give the Land Rover its signature look.

Engine and Transmission: The 2.5-liter turbodiesel engine was rebuilt during the restoration. It is driven by a 5-speed manual transmission with a dual-range transfer case. The true mileage of the 109 is unknown due to the restoration and new gauges installed, but it starts, runs, and drives wonderfully. The Land Rover has had a recent oil and filter change.

Chassis and Suspension Upgrades: The restoration included cosmetic reconditioning of the chassis, including new bushings, shocks, and a stainless-steel exhaust system. The rear suspension and bushings were also replaced.

Interior Overhaul: Seats have been redone in black in both the front and back. The original dash has been maintained but a modern-classic GPS instrument cluster was added that provides longitude, latitude, speed, direction, and other functionalities.

Budget and Timeline: A substantial budget was allocated primarily for cosmetic restoration. Due to the extensive focus on aesthetics, finer mechanical tuning might have been limited. Achieving this level of restoration typically requires at least $80,000.

This 109 Santana comes with a clean Arizona title and is ready for its next off-road adventure!

If you would like to make an appointment to see this 1984 Land Rover 109 Santana in person, please send an email to sales@blackhorsegarage.com or call 203-330-9604.

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