Defender 90 

What if you could have the perfect Defender 90? Galvanized chassis, galvanized bulkhead, aluminum body panels, with full A4-80 stainless steel hardware. Fitted with an EPA Certified Turbo Diesel engine that gets 30mpg, has a 45-gallon fuel capacity giving 1200+/- drivable range. 5-speed manual with 6.16 Crawler 1st gear / 6th gear overdrive and automatic torque biasing transfercase. Adjustable air suspension, dual locking differentials with heavy-duty axles, and 33” mud-terrain tires. Creature comforts include full leather interior, electric windows, 10” touchscreen CarPlay stereo with external cameras. Fully carpeted with soundproofing, adjustable heated seats, air conditioning, auxiliary heater, and power outlets. 20 years of experience driving these around the world in every condition has brought us to this. The most Purpose Built Defender 90. Nothing more, nothing less.

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